Refund Policy

Before a discount is in all actuality, permit us to help out tackle any issue you have by contacting us. It would be ideal if you give it 24-72 hours for our Support Team to hit you up on your help demands. We give a valiant effort to answer much quicker to your solicitations.

The idea of computerized media (product) can be downloaded immediately after a buy has been made. There is no “preliminary” or “effortlessness period” subsequent to buying any item which implies all business is conclusive. When you have acquired the product, it is highly unlikely to “return” it. All things considered, discounts can not be given.

We can do a discount if the item you downloaded from the site was totally unusable. On the off chance that You Ask For A Refund or Open A PayPal Dispute/UPI Report After Receiving Delivery, You Will Banned From Our Site.

Discounts won’t be allowed in the event that you just choose not to utilize the bought items. We remain behind our items and will help you in tackling any issue you have, yet we additionally anticipate that you should satisfactorily comprehend what you are obtaining and why.

A few offers may incorporate a non-refundable condition. Right now, will be noticeable or connected from the offer page.

No discounts are accommodated:

No profits/discounts will be offered for computerized items aside from if the item you’ve bought is:
  • totally non-useful
  • and additionally item fundamental portrayal was completely deceptive.
  • and additionally, you didn’t download any or numerous records from our site.
  • at that point, you do have the alternative to demand a discount.
  • you purchased a thing unintentionally and the product(s) was sent/as of now downloaded by you.
  • item was purchased by your representative or prisoner from your PayPal account which he/she had legitimate access.
  • You can not introduce the downloaded item
We also reserve the right to refuse a refund in the following situations:
  • The item is incongruent with your WordPress, modules or web server settings
  • The item doesn’t work as you need
  • The item shows a message about the need to enter a permit key or enactment
  • You broke your site when introducing the item
  • You didn’t get specialized help on
  • you wouldn’t give to our care staff access to your site to research our item you are having an issue with.
  • It would be ideal if you likewise note that:
  • You may drop your record whenever, in any case, there are no discounts for dropping.
  • In the event that you will get a discount, you can’t utilize downloaded premium items any longer.
  • Discounts can take as long as 10 days to reflect on your record.