About Us

I am very glad that you came on this page to know about us. I am going to tell you everything in details. So, no need to worry.

What is the idea about getgplstuff.com?

getgplstuff.com is an official website of Getgplstuff. There are various reasons for having this website on the internet or say for creating this website. I’ll let you know some of the reasons below.

As we know, GPL means open-source,
Most people are familiar with the term ‘open source‘. It means a piece of software or code, that is free to use. You’re free to use, copy, study, change, improve or redistribute the software as you like.

GPL stuff can be used by any individual. GPL stuffs are like software, PLugins or themes of WordPress which can be used multiple times. GPL software, plugins or themes have the same features that premium software, plugins or themes have. So far, You might have an idea about GPL Term.

WordPress is open source software and is founded upon the GPL (General Public Licence).
The central point to note is that any software that is built upon WordPress must carry forward the original GPL license.


Let’s move ahead and discuss more about getgplstuff.com

There are many people or freshers who have just started and don’t have enough knowledge or cannot buy premium stuff because of their high costs. However, I wanted the same feature to play with. So for them, GPL works absolutely well. For learning or if they have just started and wanted to do something on their own. 

Moreover, there are many websites that provide GPL stuff but their charges are also high after acknowledging that GPL stuff is open source and free.

So, These things clicked to us. You know what, If something is free then why we should pay? right. Like this, we thought to build this website for providing the GPL stuff at the cheapest price from others. Now, you may say that why I am asking for money for GPL stuff if I said it is free in the above lines. It’s obvious. Anybody will say this.

Look, We ask for money because we have to spend money on providing GPL stuff to you. We ask money for the maintenance of the website like hosting, domain, data and Business email. And there are many miscellaneous expenses for this website. So, for that only we ask money for the people who are looking for GPL stuff.

We always going to provide the GPL stuff at the cheapest rate than others. Whenever you need GPL stuff. First, do research and get the prices on which websites ask how much? And then, visit our website, you will get to see that our website has the cheapest price than others.

If GPL is free then why we should pay more?

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